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September 30, 2021 Words: Susan Hanson

Reconnect Your Mind Body and Soul with an Expedition Voyage

Why exploring the world's most remote destinations is your route to wellbeing.


Research shows that even a short amount of time spent in nature can provide numerous health benefits – everything from reducing blood pressure and anxiety levels to enhancing the immune system. So just imagine the transformation you'll experience on an expedition voyage, connecting to nature and wildlife in remote destinations that few will ever see. Here are six reasons why an expedition voyage is so good for you and your wellbeing:

Reconnects Your Mind, Body and Soul – Nature is the original antidote for stress. So says a Finnish study* that showed a mere 15 minutes spent outdoors provides calmative effects. There is no better way to enjoy the benefits of this than being immersed in the planet's most untouched, pristine destinations that are only accessible by expedition ship. An expedition voyage engages all your senses, making you an active participant instead of simply just a spectator while, say, hiking along otherworldly shores in Antarctica, taking a Zodiac® cruise to view the vast seabird colonies of Copinsay, kayaking around Greenland's Scoresby Sound – the largest fjord system on Earth – or even diving 1,000 feet below Iceland's Grundarfjörður in a custom-built 6-person submarine.

Brightens Your Mood – Another study out of Stanford University^ revealed that time in nature reduces negative thought patterns, a risk factor for mental illness. Sadness can turn to giddiness while spying howler monkeys and toucans in the Amazon jungle, watching minke whales breach while kayaking in the Shetland Islands, or meeting 250,000 pairs of King penguins at a rookery on South Georgia.

Feeds Your Curiosity – Expedition cruising captures your imagination, your intellect, and your thirst for new discoveries as you interact and engage with some of the most uniquely breathtaking places on the planet. Seabourn guests are joined throughout by a world-class 26-member expedition team that includes expert scientists, academics, naturalists and more, all of whom share their knowledge and passion with you — and always with the freedom to engage as much or as little as you like.

Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone – "You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new," says motivational speaker Brian Tracy. Our safe spaces often keep us stuck in a rut, since handling unfamiliar situations is how we build self-confidence and gain greater awareness. Yet the ease of the expedition experience – making Zodiac® landings in remote areas, walking along the water's edge of a remote beach, climbing inside a submarine to search for the mythical narwhal – you realize everything is doable and anything is possible.

Alters Your Perspective of the World – Visiting indigenous communities along the Amazon or witnessing a polar bear's immense power as it breaks the sea ice while hunting seals are singular experiences that change you forever. An expedition voyage introduces you to nature without constraints, leaving you in awe of both its simplicity and complexity – and more aware of our interconnectedness.

...And Changes How You See Yourself in It – Kayaking alongside weather-beaten cliffs teeming with seabirds or having a pod of orcas swim beneath your Zodiac in Antarctica are vivid reminders of nature's indifference to humans. It is a humbling feeling, yet one each of us should experience in our lifetime. An expedition voyage allows us to safely feel that vulnerability – and then recognize that in vulnerability lies strength.

Of course, being out in nature doesn't mean going without luxuries. The new Seabourn Venture and sister ship Seabourn Pursuit are purpose-built to take guests on exhilarating adventures in remote destinations, with two custom-built, six-person submarines and a fleet of 24 Zodiacs that allows all 264 guests to head out on excursions at the same time – along with an elevated aesthetic and unrivalled level of service for which Seabourn is renowned.

*Read the Finnish study here. ^Read the Stanford study here.

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