Things to do

Madagascar Magic: From Loveable Lemurs to Dreamy Beaches


Experience Thai Food at the Source

Savor the sparkling, tongue-tingling flavors of Thai food in Bangkok.

A Horse of Another Color (or 40)

Make friends with Iceland’s unique pure-breed horses.

A Dreamy Day in Reykjavík

Take a deep dive into Iceland’s fascinating and culture-filled capital.

Bring Back the Best of Iceland

From sweaters to licorice to spirits, find your favorites.

Have You Experienced Caviar in the Surf?

Five reasons why this lavish signature Seabourn Moment is not to be missed

Panama’s Caribbean Corner

Discover a place where vibrant culture and natural beauty meet laid-back island life.

A Flamboyance of Pink

Seeing flamingos in the Caribbean and beyond is a stunning sight to behold

3 Days in Dubai

Everything you’ve heard about the glitz and glamour of this desert wonderland

5 for 5 in New Zealand

Top things to see and do in some of our favorite Kiwi ports.

An Awesome Day in Auckland

How to make the most of your call in the “City of Sails.”

Mumbai Street Food 101

This vibrant city’s iconic culinary delights are yours to enjoy — no reservations required.

6 Cruise Packing Hacks That Will Change the Way You Travel

Simple tips for stress-free travel

Discover Beauty and Rich History in the Orkney Islands

From Neolithic monuments and wildlife to whisky, the uniquely beautiful Orkney Islands are full of surprises

Another Side of Japan

Explore natural beauty and authentic experiences in these seldom-seen port cities.

The Nature of Zen

Find your bliss while exploring Japan’s natural bounty with Seabourn.

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