January 16, 2020 Words: Elliott Porter

Cruise Vacations vs. Staying at a Resort

When it comes to experiencing what the world has to offer, it’s tough to beat the value and capability that you get on a cruise


The choice between taking a cruise or visiting a resort is one that travelers often find themselves having to decide. While both options have their own unique advantages — and some resorts are truly beautiful and enjoyable — the ease and luxury of taking a cruise is really hard to match. Let’s look at a few of the major differences between cruises and resorts and what sets them apart as viable travel options.

One Destination or Multiple?

Let us start with the obvious. Cruise vacations give you the ability to visit multiple countries and locales in one trip. A resort more often than not limits you to one city and the surrounding area. If you want to experience multiple cultures, cuisines, beaches, and cities, a cruise can provide that for you without additional itinerary planning or the monotonous hassle of flying, airport security, baggage claim, packing and unpacking again etc. Imagine falling asleep in the South of France and waking up in Italy; with a cruise you can do exactly that.

Activities on a Cruise vs. in a Resort

So what can you actually do on a cruise ship? Well, the question is more of what can’t you do. Not only does a cruise ship enable you to experience several different countries in a short period of time, at some points you may even find yourself thinking the cruise ship itself is its own destination! Ships from Seabourn’s fleet offer everything from Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil, inviting lounges and public spaces, fine finding, a variety of world-class entertainment including “An Evening with Tim Rice” and more. Seabourn also revels in the opportunity to enlighten, educate, and fascinate our guests via Seabourn Conversations. This onboard enrichment program includes lectures, presentations and casual conversations that are lead by heralded guest experts in the arts, history, science and many more. You’ll never find yourself bored when in transit from location to location. Resorts provide entertainment options as well, but you’d be hard pressed to find one with the plethora and diversity of activities within arm’s reach that you can find on a cruise.

Variety of Dining Options

While not only do cruise experiences give you multiple itineraries that treat you to many vastly different and authentic culinary delights while you are ashore, Seabourn also takes a significant amount of pride in how your dining experience goes onboard your cruise as well. Each Seabourn ship offers award-wining cuisine with the finest ingredients in a choice of dining venues to suit your mood of the moment, and nearly all are open-seating, inviting you to dine where, when and with whom you wish. This isn’t to say that resorts and the countries or cities they call home can’t provide a unique and wonderful dining experience as well, but overall, the multiple diverse cuisines you can sample ashore in tandem with the world class dining you receive on board give cruise vacations a leg up on the competition.

With a Cruise, Take the Luxury With You

What separates a cruise and a resort is the idea of taking the luxury with you wherever you go. A cruise allows you to take a 5-star resort with you to places and locations that otherwise may have them. Seabourn is the world’s finest ultra-luxury resort at sea, providing legendary, award-winning service and luxuriously appointed ocean-front suites even in the most remote destinations across all seven continents - and you only have to unpack once!



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