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February 27, 2020 Words: Frances Thomas

The Best Way To Explore The Amazon

Journey off the beaten path with Seabourn Expeditions.


Discovered by European explorers in 1542, the Amazon River has been a subject of awe and intrigue around the world. At just under 4,000 miles (6437 kilometers) long, the labyrinthine waterway snakes through six countries (Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil) and is the earth’s largest river by volume (and maybe also by length). Edged by the infamously diverse Amazon Rainforest, it spawns thousands of unique species of flora and fauna, including basilisks (also known as “Jesus Lizards”) that walk on water, pink river dolphins, and giant water lilies that grow up to 10 feet in diameter.

Enshrouded by thick layers of verdant rainforest, the Amazon River is largely uncharted. Navigating the winding channels, flooded forests, and Indigenous communities is a lot to plan for even the most experienced traveler, which is why Seabourn Expeditions are the best way to experience the river’s most remarkable destinations. Travel on the upcoming ultra-luxury expedition ship, Seabourn Venture, for unparalleled access to the local ecosystem of the upper Amazon, made possible by onboard equipment like ZodiacsⓇ, optional kayaks, and plenty of outdoor deck space.

Seabourn’s Featured Regions

Roughly equivalent to the distance between New York City and Milan, the Amazon River is a plurality of cultures, climates, and landscapes. Built specifically to explore varied and remote destinations, Seabourn Venture is equipped with a PC6 ice-strengthened hull, positive-positioning Azipod® propulsion, and three bow thrusters. Alongside your Expedition team of 26 esteemed scientists, academics, and naturalists, behold the diversity of the Amazon across its three major regions:


The low-lying, seasonally flooded forests of the upper Amazon surround dramatic blackwater rivers, aptly named for their dark chocolate tint. Colored by leaching tannins from mainland vegetations, blackwater rivers are some of the cleanest on Earth, thanks to high acidity and low minerality. Take advantage of the Zodiacs and optional kayaks on board Seabourn Venture to explore glimmering schools of iridescent fish, brightly colored to enable them to spot their own species through the dark water.

THE FRONTIER AMAZON (Rio Jutaí, Brazil to Leticia, Colombia)

Coasting along the rushing currents of the Rio Jutaí, Seabourn Venture edges close to the riverside banks where traditional “caboclo” communities congregate. From the ship’s open air decks and in Seabourn Conversations with your Expedition Team lecturers, learn how the local Indigenous groups thrive hundreds of miles away from the roads, digital technologies, and conveniences of metropolitan life.

THE PERUVIAN AMAZON (Leticia, Colombia to Iquitos, Peru)

Occupying two-thirds of Peru, the Peruvian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse rainforests on Earth. Amid the dense, rich layers of jungle flora, experience what it means to be truly “off the grid”—no electricity, no cell signal, no roads in sight. Sailing westward to where the Amazon coincides with the Nanay and Itaya rivers, arrive in Iquitos, the so-called “Capital of the Amazon.” The largest city in the world that can’t be reached by road, Iquitos brims with grandiose mansions and historic squares, relics to the region’s Gilded Age boom in rubber production.

The Seabourn Difference

All 132 suites on Seabourn Venture are replete with private ocean-front verandas, five-star furnishings, and personalized amenities, including a custom-built mattress and a bar stocked with beverages of your choice. You can’t go wrong with any of Venture’s luxurious offerings, from the spacious Veranda Suites to the newly unveiled Panorama and Wintergarden Suites. For the ultimate indulgence, book a penthouse or premium suite.


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