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September 23, 2022 Words: Susan Hanson

Have You Experienced Caviar in the Surf?

Five reasons why this lavish signature Seabourn Moment is not to be missed


Seabourn team members are always willing to walk on water for their guests—and on some occasions, wade through it with tins of chilled caviar and bottles of bubbly.

Seabourn’s signature iconic Caviar in the Surf® beach barbecue is one of the most-beloved experiences in ultra-luxury cruising. This inclusive event, featured on select voyages in the Caribbean and Asia, makes for a memorable day of sugary sands, turquoise seas, and sublime indulgences that guests describe as “amazing,” “creative,” “fun,” and “over the top.” Here are five reasons why you should take the plunge.

Idyllic Setting
Gorgeous Carambola Beach in St. Kitts and Nevis forms a classic arc of golden sand along South Friars Bay, just a few miles from the capital of Basseterre. With the lush green hills of the Southeast Peninsula as a backdrop and the warm, translucent waters gently lapping the shore, Carambola makes an idyllic locale for the day’s festivities. Seabourn guests enjoy the entire beach to themselves, giving the event an even more exclusive feel.

The same is true in Ko Kood (also known as Koh Kood or Koh Kut), an unspoiled tropical island paradise set off Thailand’s eastern coast. Here, the barbecue is set up on a long, dreamy stretch of soft white sand nestled by coconut palms. The island’s beautiful coral reef is home to hawksbill turtles, blue-tipped rays, seahorses, and numerous fish species; the water’s clear visibility makes it ideal for snorkeling (see “Playtime” below).

Tireless Preparation
Long before daybreak, Seabourn team members are busy packing up a full kitchen and bar to bring ashore. There, the ship’s chefs fire up the grills for fresh lobster, as well as barbecued ribs, burgers, chicken, and fish. An elaborate buffet table is set up, as are linen-covered tables with silverware and a fully-stocked bar. By the time guests are tendered ashore, they discover an impeccable beach lined with rows of lounge chairs and umbrellas while a steel band plays calypso and classic favorites. All they need to do is grab a fresh coconut drink—or other tasty concoction from the knowledgeable bartenders—sit back and anticipate the sumptuous feast they’re about to enjoy.

Spirited Presentation
Picture yourself there relaxing in the sun, cool drink in hand and your Seabourn ship anchored in the distance. A group of officers, many in full uniform, begin to wade into the calm sea pushing tablecloth-covered surfboards and coolers full of Champagne bottles. Corks start to pop, and you join fellow guests as they splash out into the shallow water. Soon, Champagne flutes are clinking and bubbly flows with abandon, adding to the convivial atmosphere.

A Zodiac® arrives carrying the executive chef with caviar, loaded onto one of the surfboards. “Caviar! Who’s ready for caviar?” yells the chef as he jumps in, twists the top off a tin, and begins to ladle scoops of the coveted delicacy onto crackers or pieces of bread topped with creme fraiche to create a caviar sandwich—and the quintessential Seabourn Moment. (Tip: Bring a waterproof camera!)

In the morning while the Seabourn kitchen staff is setting up on the beach, other team members are prepping all the water sports equipment from the ship’s marina platform. And they do bring everything—snorkels, kayaks, banana boats, pedal boats, paddleboards, the works. After lunch, guests are invited to play with their favorite water toys, go waterskiing, or even try a “donut,” which involves a plastic seat being pulled behind a motorboat. They also can play volleyball in the sand, although many choose to simply lie back on an umbrellaed lounge chair and listen to the gentle waves while soaking in the lap of luxury.

You can get a taste of good life on select Seabourn voyages to the Caribbean and Asia.

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